2022 Festival is in full planning!

The 2022 Festival with Women of the Blues looks to be our best yet!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Blog Site for the Crossroads Blues Festival

We've moved!  The festival site for the former Byron Crossroads Blues Festival (now shortened to the Crossroads Blues Festival) is right here.  Same great blues festival but in a new location.


  1. I'm very confused about the location! Lyran Park is NOT where you are describing; Lyran Park is miles NORTH of Rt 20. Whatever park you're describing near the airport (South Bend & Kishwaukee) is NOT Lyran Park. Also, the river is the Rock River, not the Kishwaukee River.

    1. Dean, Lyran Park is on S Bend Rd, along the Kishwaukee River, just south of Kishwaukee Rd and the point where the Kish empties into the Rock.

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