2022 Festival is in full planning!

The 2022 Festival with Women of the Blues looks to be our best yet!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lyran Park Location

We fixed Google Maps to have the right location for Lyran Park a few years ago. Some people still have old GPS systems with non updated maps.  Here is where the park is:

Lyran Park 
4781 S. Bend Road 
Rockford, IL 61109

This upper map shows the general area. The Park is at the blue marker in the lower left.

Below we Zoom into where some confusion arises.

The Park is on South (S) Bend Road.  To the east, S Bend comes from Baxter Road. Baxter crosses IL 251 and then turns into Beltline Road going straight while Baxter turns right and then shortly turns into S Bend Road.

Here is where the park is, to the west side of S Bend near Kishwaukee Rd.

The Tough Mudder occurs the same weekend as our festival and it is on Beltline Road. They close Beltline for that, but the Rockford Police know to let travelers go onto Baxter and then S Bend. We speak to them every year tro remind them, but they occasionally have an officer who messes up,