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Tickets for the the Seventh Annual Crossroads Blues festival at Lyran Park are on sale now! Saturday, August 27th will mark our 7th great festival on the Saturday of the weekend prior to Labor Day! Only $5 in advance. Click to buy tickets or send a SASE and a check to Crossroads at Post Office Box 840, Byron, IL 61010!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 Festival Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship of the Crossroads Blues Festival helps to defray the the costs of running a great event and helps our 501c3 non-profit to manage our risks. Sponsorship of the festival is tax deductible.

The costs of running an event like this are many.  In addition to the bands and entertainment we have to get insurance and licenses, rent portable restrooms, provide sound and services, print tickets and other materials, and advertise the event. We have worked now for seven years to minimize costs. We work to partner with television and radio to get in-kind services for sponsorship. We run a tight ship but is still costs money to put on an even like this.

Sponsorship is available at several levels:

Festival Sponsor: $5,000. One sponsorship available. Festival name will include sponsor (e.g. “The Acme Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park” or perhaps “Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park brought to you by the Acme Company.” Benefits include logo integrated into festival logo for all uses including the front of the tee shirt, recognition on banner on stage, recognition in final poster, newsletter and other printed materials plus 100 free tickets.

Platinum: $1000 and up.  Benefits include large logo on banner on stage, large logo on tee shirt back, recognition in final poster, newsletter and other printed materials plus 25 free tickets.

Gold: $500 to $999.  Benefits include small logo on banner on stage, logo on tee shirt back, recognition in final poster, newsletter and other printed materials plus 10 free tickets.

Silver: $200 to $499. Benefits include larger name on banner on stage, larger name on tee shirt back, recognition in newsletter and other printed materials plus 4 free tickets.
Bronze: $100 business, $50 individual. Benefits include small name on banner on stage, name on tee shirt back recognition in newsletter and other printed materials plus 2 free tickets.

Gold and above sponsors also get to have a free promotional tent/booth at the festival and may place banners in the park.  All sponsors are also frequently noted on stage after each act. 

Any level of sponsorship can help to make this dream a reality.  In-kind sponsors for services and such are also desired.  We ask that your business consider becoming a sponsor for the 2016 Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park and thank you for your time and consideration!

Steve Jones
Festival Chairperson

Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Festival Draws About 2,000 Fans and Is a Huge Success

 The weather very early on Saturday morning was awful.  Torrents of rain fell from the sky and the noise woke me hours before I planed to rise.  Around 8 AM the torrents became a sprinkle and by 9 AM it was essentially done.  The skies remained grey and temperatures only reached the mid 70’s but we took it because the following week temperatures soared.  It was comfortable and about 2,000 blues fans made their way to Lyran Park to appreciate the myriad of sounds presented to them.

 Albert Castiglia headlined; things were about a half hour late by then and Albert ran until after 10 PM with a superb set.  With Matt Shuler on bass and Chris Schnebelen on drums, they are a tight power trio with a ridiculously wonderful sound.  The crowd went wild for them, loving each song and filling the dance area on each song.

Dave Specter made his second appearance at a Crossroads outdoor event.  Sharon Lewis joined him again and Brother John Kattke was on keys and vocals.  The back line was star studded with Harlan Terson on bass and Kenny “Beady Eyes” Smith on drums.  Dave had them on the edge of their seats and up dancing, playing stuff from his great 2014 release Message in Blue.  He mixed up some classics and some of Sharon’s stuff to create a marvelous set of music that was greatly appreciated by the huge crowd.            ]                    

The Mike Wheeler Band put on a funk filled set of Chicago blues that showcased his fine guitar work.  Mike worked the crowd and built things to a frenzy with his stellar axe work.He showed everyone why his band is one of the hottest acts in Chicago!

Stormcellar from Australia is led by the great harp and vocal front man Michael Barry.  Joining him on lead vocals was the six foot chanteuse Jo Fitzgerald; she is an imposing figure on stage who sings sweetly and with great emotion.  Rosie and Mr. Wizard on dual guitars, Theo on drums and the quiet Bill on bass give their roots blues country rock a savory sound that all enjoyed.

Opening the day was Jimmy Nick and Don’t Tell Mama, setting the bar high for the other bands that followed.  Jimmy was great, doing his high energy act for the fans while playing his great blues, rock and rockabilly. Rodney Brown on tenor sax adds a great dimension to Jimmy’s band.

Dan Phelps added his great Delta blues between sets and Justin "Boots" Gate led our harmonica workshop.  I think we sold out of harmonicas!

The great logo design made for some fantastic tee shirts once again.  The teal guitar logos were a big hit and nearly sold out (which we never do) and the alternate hot pink ones did.  We are making a special run of Mardi Gras colored tie dyed shirts to commemorate the event.  Hardtimes Cigar Box Guitars and WNIJ were back.  Just Goods also came in with Fair Trade Items.

The beer was flowing with a great selection of regular and craft beers, ciders, wines, and more.  Food vendors sold out of some items due to the great demand and crowd, but there was plenty of "good eats" to go around!  We also raffled off another cigar box guitar.

2016 is already in planning.  Mark the date of August 27, 2016 for the 7th Annual Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the event a great success!  

Steve Jones
Crossroads Blues Society