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Thursday, October 16, 2014

2015 Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park set for Saturday, August 29th!

Our planning for 2015 is underway.  Saturday, August 29, 2015 is on the weekend before Labor Day and is our date for our 6th annual Crossroads Blues Festival which will be held again at Lyran Park.

Albert Castiglia has agreed to come play for us.  We recently caught up with him at the Blues Blast Music Awards.  He's won several Blues Blast Awards over the years.  His high energy rocking blues will be a great act to grace our stage!

8 PM

Coming off a hot 2014 Delmark Record with rave reviews and sold out performances is Dave Specter!  With him is the great Chicago vocalist Sharon Lewis who always puts on a fantastic show.  Brother Johnb Katke joins the mix on keys and vocals!
6 PM

2014 Chicago Blues Hall of Fame inductee Mike Wheeler and his band will also be playing for us.  His Delmark Recordings are all big hits and we think that our blues fans will really love this act!
4 PM
Local young harp great Justin "Boots" Gates is coming to do a harmonica workshop!
3:30 PM
Returning from Down Under will be our great Australian blues friends Stormcellar.  Jo Fitzgerald will be joining them again.  They will perform new and old music, including the song "Rock River" which they wrote while here earlier this year.  You can listen on the link below and download from itunes, CD Baby, and Amazon!

Our Blues Challenge Competition winners will also be playing there:

- Band Competition Winner Jimmy Nick and Don't Tell Mama will open the day on the main stage


- Solo/Duo Competition Winner Dan Phelps will play solo acoustic between acts in the Pavilion

Here's a map-  Mapquest and some GPS were really messing up last year but we fixed all that with Google. MapQuest and Bing Maps.  The address is 4781 S. Bend Rd., Rockford, IL, 61101 and it's less than a half mile east of where the road ends at Kishwaukee Road. Go west on Baxter from I39 and it becomes South Bend Road.  Many GPS units and Mapquest tried to send fans to South Bend and IL-251's intersection.  It is a couple of miles further west of that location on South Bend Road.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thank You to Everyone Who Came Out to the 5th Annual Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park!

It looked grim early in the day.  A slight drizzle began as Stormcellar took the stage to open the festival.  About 20-30 minutes into the set the skies opened but there was no lightning or thunder so the show went on.  It lasted about 30 minutes as heavy rain and then light rain fell till about 2:30 PM.  It was hazy the rest of the day until the sun came out about 6 PM; the weather and park were great as it all drained away at the venue and show were ready to go!  Thanks to all who came out and especially to those who braved the entire day!  A special thanks to the Lyran Society who were our partners for this great event.  Lyran Park was a great location for our festival and we will be planning for 2015 soon!

Here are a few pictures of the festival.  For more go to:
2014 Crossroads Blues Festival at Lyran Park Photo Album

Stormcellar from Sydney, Australia.
Rain?  It's not so bad!

 Stormcellar- Jo and Mike
 Beer Ticket Sales and Friends
 The corn was good as was all the food!

 The rain is letting up!
 Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames

 Dave Weld Testifies to the Crowd
 Joe Filisko Harp Workshop
 Joe and Zoe Instructing their Students
 WNIJ at Blues Central
Bert Gray (WNIJ Development Director) and Saturday Night Blues Host David James

Merch Sales
Sales were actually good!

Filskpo showing that no hands are needed to play
Rick Raven and Dave Weld playing the same guitar
Benny Rickun on Harp
Rev Raven hitting a high note
Danny kicked his stool away as he played "Wild Child"
Hardtime Cigar Box Raffle
The lucky winner gets his guitar from Randy Shuld

Crossroads President and Festival Chair Steve Jones take the ALS challenge without even flinching!
Mel Ford- Madison's Guitar Great
Barrelhouse Chuck- master of the blues piano!
Westside Andy Linderman- no one plays harp like him!
Lurrie Bell- headliner extraordinaire with a Blues royalty band!
Lurrie and the Band
Roosevelt Purfoy Jr.

Willie "The Touch" Hayes
Melvin Smith
 Lurrie Bell

Monday, August 11, 2014

What to Drink and Eat at the Fest

Beginning with drinking, beers are $4.00.  You can have the standard fare of many of the Bud, Miller and Coors products or the sweet stuff that Bud and Mike's make, or you can sample these fine beers.  We've got a great IPA and Porter from a craft brewery in Chicago, Sam, Blue Moon, two of Oberon's nice ales, Goose Island Wheat beer and Stella.  Not a bad selection!  Pop and water will be only a buck!

Food is also important.  We've got a few vendors with some great stuff.  Smokehouse BBQ has their fare to sample, Anjan's Eats has bourbon glazed chops and all sort of other good stuff and Take Outz is offering Italian beef and sausage.  There will be some more good stuff, too!